Backend as a Service List

Backend as a Service List

George Batschinski
5 min readAug 26, 2019


This blog post will provide a list of BaaS companies. This list will incorporate open-source and proprietary platforms. A comprehensive reporting comparing all BaaS providers is available at the end of this blog post.

What is a Backend as a Service?

Backend as a Service, or just BaaS, is defined by a cloud-hosted solution package with an ultimate purpose that has APIs or SDKs for these services to be used by other applications. Backend as a Service is a middleware for your application. It provides APIs for your web and mobile apps, ready to be integrated online.

Imagine you are a developer with limited resources and a short time to develop your solution. Wouldn’t it be great to have out of the box parts of your application ready to use?For example, authentication and storage, to be simple to integrate, like calling an API without having to worry about the implementation, infrastructure, and all the management and complexity that each of these steps has.

Backend as a Service — Frontend and Backend integration via APIs

Backend as a Service Benefits

Some of the advantages of using backend as a service for your application:

  • Remove from your development, repetitive tasks, and focus your effort on what delivers the most value to your software.
  • Scalability of your app.
  • No infrastructure hassles.
  • Reduce your software operating costs.
  • Focus on frontend development

Using a BaaS provider, you can perform some repetitive tasks between your web and mobile applications, such as logging in and storing files. You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure involved and implementing the authentication rule; you will outsource this work to BaaS.

Backend as a Service Features

Here is a list of common features available in most backend as a service providers.

  • Data Management
  • APIs (REST and GraphQL)
  • File Storage
  • Databases
  • Email Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Login Authentication
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter, FB, others)
  • Infrastructure

How do Backend as a Service companies make money?

Backend as a service companies make money in different forms. In most cases, there is a Free plan available, and they start to charge for their services after a certain threshold. The limits that trigger the paid plans are usually API requests, or API calls, database size, file storage, or data transfer.

Want to know more about BaaS?

Please watch this video:

What is a BaaS?

Backend as a Service List

Here is a list with Backend as a Service providers. I will provide a brief overview of the companies, and you can read the complete review examining this BaaS Comparison Matrix.


It’s the most used open-source backend platform. Parse renders SDKs for building mobile backends. With Parse, users can create apps and launch mobile or web applications super fast, and without having to worry about server infrastructure and administration.


Back4App is a backend as a service company that works on top of Parse Open Source. You can use to produce your app quicker, host it with no troubles, and retain complete control over your backend. It’s a great option to host apps created using Parse framework.


Backendless is a cloud backend company that empowers businesses to produce applications (web/mobile) without server programming.


Kinvey is a backend company that makes it easy for businesses to create, conduct, and manipulate backend services for their applications.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify a library provided that empowers programmers to construct apps with cloud services on mobile/web programs.

Game Sparks

GameSparks is a backend as a service platform focused on game development.


It’s a javascript backend focused on real-data applications. Developers can build both, web/mobile apps using this service.


Firebase is a BaaS that supports making web and mobile apps without a server-side developing language. It’s possible to store users’ data on a real-time database that synchronizes data


Kuzzle is an open-source backend provider that has self-hosting and saas hosting options.


Completely free backend framework. It does not have hosting, and the only downloading is available.


It’s a BaaS that permits you effortlessly connect your client-side mobile app to a cloud backend


PlayFab is a backend as a service platform focused on game development.


It is a Backend as a Service that is open source, free to download, free to work, and free to adjust the source code.


It is a NoSQL database for business-critical applications


Appcelerator provides a mobile enterprise platform to produce native applications and measure progress with real-time analytics.


It is Data Stream Network that allows mobile and web developers to create and scale realtime applications.


It is an open-source framework that helps developers to design, make, and scale APIs for mobile and web applications.


It’s a real time GraphQL API service that is ideal to speedup application development for SaaS, Marketplaces, and Startups.


The service accelerates web/mobile development and delivers a serverless infrastructure.

Want to know more?

Backend as a Service Complete Comparison

Please read here a complete evaluation of backend as a service companies. It’s 18 minutes reading, and the report covers the differences and benefits of each BaaS provider.