Best backend for Flutter

Introducing Flutter

The Benefits of Flutter

  • Better Performance: Flutter apps enjoy enhanced performance because they use Dart for native app compilation. Moreover, the developer can use the in-built Flutter widgets rather than OEM widgets. Since there would be lesser data transfer between the platform and the app, Flutter apps start faster and respond faster.
  • Open-source: The open-source nature of Flutter makes it appealing to both businesses and developers alike. The platform also has extensive documentation and a vibrant community of developers that can offer support and help when the need arises. Flutter and Dart are downloadable online for free.
  • Improved Compatibility: Developers can use Flutter widgets, which works seamlessly with different operating systems. So, compatibility problem is no longer an issue. Moreover, flutter widgets can be customized by the developer. So, there is no need to waste time testing Flutter apps on old versions of operating systems.
  • Cross-platform development: Flutter is a resource-efficient tool for developing apps for multiple platforms. A single code can be used to deploy both Android and iOS apps. In essence, developers can save lots of time and resources by taking advantage of the cross-platform development capabilities of Flutter.

What is a Backend as a Service?

The Benefits of Backend as a Service

  • Scalability: The procedure for scaling apps on BaaS platforms is fast and easy. And of course, the Backend service provider takes care of it.
  • Fast Development: BaaS development model allows developers to create apps faster than ever before. Thanks to the APIs and other development tools available on BaaS platforms.
  • Simplicity: BaaS platform is a stress-free model for app development because the service provider takes care of infrastructure and backend services.
  • Versatility: Backend as a Service development model makes it easy to create web apps, mobile apps, and deploy APIs on a single platform.

The top 5 BaaS for your Flutter app


  • Scalable Database
  • APIs
  • Cloud Code
  • Notifications
  • Storage
  • Start for free
  • Paid plans at $5/month


  • NoSQL or SQL databases
  • GraphQL or REST APIs
  • Social Integration
  • Email and Push Notifications
  • Available on Github for free


  • Realtime Database
  • Hosting
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • APIs
  • Start for free
  • Scale under a pay as you go model


  • Database
  • Realtime updates
  • Visual development
  • APIs
  • Notifications
  • Start for Free
  • Paid plans at $25/month

AWS Amplify

  • Datastore
  • APIs (both REST and GraphQL)
  • Predictions
  • Storage
  • Push-Notifications




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