Firestore Alternatives

George Batschinski
5 min readAug 1, 2020


Firestore Alternatives

Considering a high-end database is one of the most vital aspects of any business planning to host high-performance websites and applications. There is an array of popular database services available currently. Firestore is a widely used option among these.

Firestore is a NoSQL, cloud-hosted database solution for web, mobile, and server development from the Google cloud platform. Firestore can keep your data sync all across clients’ applications via real-time listeners. It also offers offline mobile and web support to create responsive applications meant to work regardless of internet connectivity and network latency. Surprisingly, it also provides seamless integration with other Google cloud platforms and firebase products.

However, this might not meet users’ requirements because of vendor lock-in or lack of relational queries. Therefore, choosing a top Firestore alternatives can be a smart move.

Here we have a list of top 10 alternatives to Firestore that you must know:

The Best Ten Alternatives to Firestore

Here are some of the best alternatives to Firestore that you can consider for your project with ease:


Back4app is a backend platform that can optimize entire backend components from APIs to databases with just one click. Back4app is offering an easier to use highly flexible and scalable real-time database solution. It is bringing innovation in development processes through its effective real-time database solutions.

Benefits highlighted below:

  • Open-Source
  • Data Storage
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Multi-region low latency hosting
  • Shared and Dedicated hosting options


Kinvey makes it easier for developers to manage their mobile applications or website data with its cloud-based database. Its useful database feature is meant to reduce database management time with its innovative solutions. The data store of Kinvey provides its users with a more straightforward and more effortless use case to store and retrieve their application data. Datastore of Kinvey provider CRUD operations on data easily.

It is a vital fact that businesses have tons of business data to store and manage. Fortunately, Kinvey is also offering a fantastic opportunity to connect existing data of medium to large companies or even enterprises with their applications. Data connectors of Kinvey are making it easier to take that data to the web and mobile apps.

Advantages highlighted below:

  • Enterprise focused
  • Out-of-the-box enterprise connectors
  • Serverless development


Backendless is offering a scalable, dynamic persistence, and secure database solution. It is providing the best of SQL and NoSQL worlds. However, as a NoSQL storage solution, the database structure of Backendless can be described on the fly with tables. In which columns are being created can be based on the data saved with APIs.

However, with SQL database solution, you can enjoy creating databases with relational data, indexing aggregate functions, and SQL searches. However, you can work with your data via a powerful graphical user interface given by Backendless console. You can also assign positions and roles for data access to individuals for enhanced security.

Benefits are:

  • Visual Application Development
  • Open-source SDKs
  • SQL Based Search


AWS RDS (Amazon’s relational database service) makes it simpler to set up, operate, and grow relational databases for your web or applications in the cloud with ease. It offers a resizable and cost-effective capacity to automate the tasks of hectic administration, including database setup, hardware provisioning, compatibility, and security required.

This solution is available on multiple database instance types, well-optimized for performance, I/O, or memory and offers you to choose any of the familiar database engines. Fortunately, migrating and replicating your database to AWS RDS has also become more straightforward.

Benefits are:

  • Backed by AWS
  • Cost effective
  • Multiple regions

Digitalocean Managed Databases

Do you want to have a worry-free database solution? You can choose Digital Ocean Managed databases to stay stress-free from database administration complexity in the best possible way as it is offering a powerful, and scalable solution to spin up high-performance clusters of databases.

Benefits of this managed database solution are ranging from:

  • Stress-free database setup and maintenance
  • Daily backups for free
  • Reliable and fast performance
  • End-to-end security

Fauna DB

Fauna DB is one of the most effective serverless database solutions that is meant to rethink client-server relationships. With its innovative Web-native GraphQL interface, developers will get support for various factors, including computing fabric and consistent data with modern security solutions, database operations freedom, and custom business logic. All and all, this database solution is meant to simplify code, faster ship, and reduced costs.

Benefits are:

  • Low latency and multiregion
  • GraphQL based
  • Scalable hosting


Parse is offering one of the most useful features of databases. It is meant to help developers organize their application and users’ data in a more straightforward and easier to understand format. This data storage solution can let developers manage data in a way that would be easier to understand and maintain with time. Parse allows adding new properties over time, which will ensure more effectiveness of this feature with ease.

Benefits are:

  • Open-source
  • Spreadsheet like database
  • Downloadable

Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase real-time database solution is meant to let you store and sync your data in real-time. Real-time database solution by firebase is a cloud-hosted, NoSQL solution that can let you store and sync data between your applications and users in real-time. By this, you can get a better opportunity to collaborate among different devices and will be able to develop high-performance websites and apps.

Benefits are:

  • Fully integrated with Firebase and GCP
  • Best in class realtime features
  • Scalable and serverless

Azure Cosmos DB

Do you want to create a multi-model and globally distributed database? Azure Cosmos DB is the solution you can look for. This fantastic solution can help you in building serverless applications in the best possible way. With an Azure account, you can start playing with Azure Cosmos DB any time for free, because this solution is offering free services for the first 12 months.

Benefits are:

  • Global distribution
  • Fast NoSQL Database
  • 99.999% Availability


Are you looking for a seamless multi-master synchronization solution? CouchDB is another fantastic alternative to Firestore, which can let you enjoy multi-master sync seamlessly. It can allow you to scale from big data to mobile application solutions with an intuitive database solution designed for improved reliability.

Benefits are:

  • Open-source
  • Great option for multi-tenant apps
  • Replication


Here are the top 10 alternatives to Firestore you can count on. Each of these comes up with its benefits. Make sure to go with the one suit best to your database needs.