How to scale content marketing for your Startup?

Key Takeaways

  • Writing quality content is a must, but not enough
  • It’s possible to scale marketing content without backlinks or social media posts
  • I’m not a marketer and had no previous experience creating content
  • No need for a full time marketing person, and you can outsource most of the tasks
  • We started creating content with only a $100/month budget

We scaled our traffic 12x and you can do it too

Here is a print screen from Google Analytics showing our traffic over time. That’s is how our Google Analytics dashboard looked like in January 2020. A total of 7,936 organic users.

Top 10 real-life practical lessons to scale up marketing content

I will reveal the hidden secrets of scaling content marketing and provide practical steps based on my own experience with Back4app’s blog.

1. Define a publishing pace and stick to it

Believe it or not, this is the single most crucial step on this list. Creating content must be part of your routine! Imagine how much you can write after 365 days!

2. Write quality content and keep It updated

Unless your content is excellent (or at least good), it will not move the first page. So do your best that your content plan covers a specific niche and create as many articles about that topic.

3. SEO tools are very important

There is too much competition today, and blog posting without proper tools will make your life quite hard. As you will see below, targeting the right keywords is extremely important to rank well.

  • SemRush
  • CopyScape
  • Google Analytics
  • Amplitude

4. Focus on long-tail and easy to rank key words

Ranking on the first page for head / high-competitive keywords is extremely hard, and most likely, only large brands will be able to do that. Focusing on low-competitive / long-tail keywords will make your life easier, and you will get traffic faster.

  • Go to SemRush
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Get the keyword metrics
  • Volume: 830
  • Keyword Difficulty: 48%
  • Requirements: A competitive keyword to rank for. You will need well-structured and unique content.

5. Translating your content is cheap and works like a charm

Translating your articles is a great way to scale marketing content! Creating original content is hard, but translating to other languages is a piece of cake.

  • You may rank on the translated article, even not ranking on the original one
  • You start getting backlinks from a more diverse set of countries

6. Site speed really matters to Google

As you may know, Google started to use Web Vitals as a ranking factor in June 2021. So, site speed and page experience now play an essential role in Google’s ranking algorithm.

  • Running the Word Press blog on Kinsta

7. Backlinks, of course, help, but you can rank without them

Having tons of high-quality backlinks is, of course, better than not having it, but getting it in the right way may be challenging, in particular, for brand new websites.

8. Easy to implement tactics to get backlinks

I want to share some tactics to increase the number of backlinks that we used on Back4app’s blog.

  • Q&A on Quora
  • Canonical articles on Medium
  • Conduct white hat outreach for your blog posts
  • Build free tools

9. Technical SEO is very important

Besides page speed, many other factors are important for on-page SEO.

  • Crawlability — This relates to how efficiently Google can crawl a website and obtain the information it is looking for.
  • Internal Linking — This relates to how great a site links between its pages.
  • HTTPS — Evaluate issues associated with a website’s transformation from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • International SEO — Incorporates the best practices for global websites and checks the utilization of the hreflang tag for general misuses and errors.

10. Find a marketing guru to follow

I’m not a marketing person and have no previous experience in digital marketing. To date, I don’t even have an Instagram account and never used my Facebook account. So, if I learned some basics about marketing, you will be able to as well.


This article explained how Back4app increased 12x the monthly organic traffic in less than 24 months and provided genuine tactics that are effective as an online marketing strategy for startups.



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