The Best React Native Backend Services

George Batschinski
4 min readJul 17, 2020


React Native Backend Services

The mobile phone has become an integral aspect of our lives today. In fact, many people consider some mobile apps essential to their daily routine, from exercise to managing appointments, and everything in between. The mobile craze has led to stiff competition among mobile add developers. Given the vast number of apps in the marketplace, it takes an app that offers an outstanding user experience to get an edge over competitors. That is where React Native brings value to developers by providing the platform for creating top-notch iOS and Android mobile apps using JavaScript.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework developed by Facebook for the creation of a wide range of user interface components. It gives developers access to various tools for creating iOS and Android Apps that have a native look and feel. Over the years, React Native has evolved as one of the most preferred tools for cross-platform app development.

The Benefits of React Native

React Native is one of the best options for developing an attractive app interface similar to those of native apps. The aesthetic is just one of the numerous benefits that React Native offers developers. Other advantages of using React Native is as follows:

High Performance: Apps created with React Native are known for their optimal performance. Thanks to the many native modules and controls available on the platform.

Reusable Codes: There is no need to reinvent the wheel when using React Native. It offers developers reusable codes for building various functions in an app project. That is why app development can be faster when using React Native.

Quick Support: You can get support quickly from the vast number of developers and enthusiasts in the React Native Community.

Impressive Functions: The platform has lots of useful functions for app development such as Hot and Live Reloading, among many other remarkable features.

Cost-Efficiency: React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework, this means you can reduce the cost of app development considerably when building apps on React.

What is Backend as a Service?

Backend as a Service is a platform that helps simplify and expedite application development through the provision of infrastructure and backend services. BaaS companies provide services that help simplify complicated backend development tasks and also automate essential functions. Besides, they also offer various tools that add value to application development projects.

The Benefits of Backend Platforms

Below are some of the benefits that can be derived from using BaaS services.

  • It allows developers to create apps faster.
  • BaaS can help reduce development costs significantly.
  • Since the BaaS provider has taken care of the backend, developers can focus more on creating top-notch frontend functions.
  • Developers don’t have to bother with the hassles of managing infrastructure.

Top Three Best React Native Backend as a Service

Given the value that React Native and Backend as a Service offers, it makes sense to select a development platform that lets you leverage both technologies for application development. Here are the top three Backend as a Service companies that support React Native.


Back4App is one of the leading backend service providers that supports a wide variety of technology stack. Some of the technology Back4App support include technologies such as Node JS, MongoDB, Postgres, Parse, REST, React, and a host of others. The platform also provides codes for performing everyday tasks such as authentication, push notifications, messaging, and much more. With Back4pp, scalability is no longer an issue, as the platform scales automatically when the resource demands of your app increases. Back4Apps offers a free plan while the premium plans start at $5/month.

AWS Amplify

This Amazon-backed platform provides a wide-array of opensource libraries for app development. This framework allows developers to create scalable and serverless applications quickly. It integrates seamlessly with Android, iOS, React Native, among others. AWS Amplify has lots of services that add value to app development, and also supports autoscaling of your mobile and web apps.


Firebase is a cloud service that Google acquired in 2014, and made further improvements on the platform to provide effective backend solution for developers around the world. Firebase offers lots of useful tools that help expedite the process of app development.

The above are the top Backend as a Service platform that works seamlessly with React Native. Using any of the platforms above would allow you to develop and deploy apps through React Native while enjoying many other benefits that BaaS has to offer.