What are the best Open Source mBaaS?

At present, more and more mobile applications are being developed to open new doors of technology for the users. However, when it comes to developing a mobile application, the use of mBaaS can help you to reduce the amount of energy and time, which is required to manage the backend processes of the application. mBaaS also being referred to as Mobile Backend as a Service. It is basically a pre-built infrastructure that is cloud-hosted to enable mobile and web applications to access backend storage, APIs, and social networks, etc. In the simplest words, mBaaS is an effective way to empower application developers with ready to use backend resources so that the process of application development can be more efficient and easier.

Why you need a mBaaS — Mobile Backend as a Service?

At the present time, people are utilizing mobile phone applications like never before and accessing these services through web, tablets, laptops, smartphones, various other similar devices. While it is obviously difficult to manage and create an engaging user experience across multiple devices. However, mBaaS can reduce the time and energy which are required to launch mobile initiatives through simplifying the backend integration process. It is because mBaaS is helping developers to get connected to various data sources and focus more on the creativity of front-end solutions. Even more, the use of mBaaS has the ability to give flexibility to the developers that can allow them for true innovation. This is the most effective way for developers to link to amazing cloud-based backend storage and other utilities such as file storage, push notifications, configuration and monitoring, social integration, messaging ques, etc. It is a perfect alternative to the traditional processes of backend development which is helping the developers to bring more services to the users in an efficient mobile format.

Benefits of a mBaaS

1. Save engineering costs

2. Focus on core features

3. Shorter marketing time

Five Best Open Source mBaaS

1. Back4App

Back4App is playing the role of a centralized hub for application program interface and backend. This can be a more effective solution that has the ability to provide more convenience to the developers and will allow them to focus more on the front-end services. Most interestingly, it can help the developers to host mobile and web applications along with IoT up to 80% faster than others. It is because it can help the developers to create their required APIs within few minutes in the best possible way.

Even more, Back4App is using open source technology and is having multiple integrations and tools for products that are making the developers able to implement their application projects faster and better in a more effective way. This is also known as one of the most amazing and effective hosting providers all around the globe. With Back4App developers have no need to reinvent the wheel.

Benefits of Back4App

  • One of the best open-source BaaS and a backend generator.
  • Plenty of features including easy data management, real-time database access, logs viewer, and much more.
  • Real-time database with LiveQuery
  • It can help you to scale the available solutions as per your needs.
  • Well-optimized storage options.
  • It can manage various parse server versions easily

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2. Parse

Most of the developers love to build the small solutions of middleware with Parse because it is easier than various other similar platforms to utilize. Most interestingly, parse comes with everything which you may ever need to manage, and develop application backend in the best possible way. it is including interesting features such as different client SDKs, SSL hosting, databases and user management system, etc. User session management is one of the most important things which normally developers love in the Parse. It is because the docs here are quite well-thought.

Benefits of Parse

  • Parse is quite easier access to in-app purchases more effectively.
  • It helps the developers to manage different sources such as push notification, User authentication, email verification, File storage adapters, etc. in the best possible way.
  • Easier to download and utilize.
  • Most interestingly, a huge developers’ community is supporting Parse.

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3. Backendless

Backendless is a perfect takeout for generic services. It is because along with the most basic APIs such as database, file, user, geolocation, and messaging, etc. the company is also offering the best user-defined services in the best possible way. Every service which you want to develop for your application project will be given with a unique API through Backendless. The most amazing and coolest thing about this service is each of your required API will be generated by Backendless automatically. While developers can easily manage and utilize those automatically generated APIs in their projects with ease. This is one of the most amazing things which is setting Backendless apart from various other similar service providers in the best possible way.

Benefits of Backendless

  • It offers effective analytics and management tools
  • The key to the services of Backendless is its APIs which are easier to extend as per the needs of the application or developer.
  • It can backend development easier.
  • It has plenty of features to provide effective support to the developers.
  • Technical support service is also available

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4. AWS Amplify

Benefits of AWS Amplify

  • AWS Amplify has provided an easy to use and declarative API for cloud operations
  • It can help the developers to build and deploy cloud-powered mobile and web-based applications.
  • It can go well with various frameworks including the frontend based on JavaScript.
  • Developers are allowed to use and scale entire AWS services that are being offered with Amplify.
  • It can work for multiple vendors, organizations and buyers in the best possible way.

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5. Skygear

Even more, Skygear has the ability to help the developers and allow them to deploy cloud functions or microservices to the production with just a simple and easy command line. Most interestingly, you can easily invoke various functions in your application with the help of configured SDKs which are being offered by Skygear.io. With the help of this amazing service provider, you can get a better opportunity to leave the entire backend troubles away and can easily push your code with more creativity. Most interestingly, it contains the entire range of features which can be required for any application to get done with the backend services in a more effective way.

Benefits of Skygear

  • Easier to use platform.
  • It is offering more out of the box and highly innovative services to enjoy
  • You can use the community edition (open source) of the skygear.io for free.
  • It is supporting Python, Go and Node.js currently.
  • An expert team is available for assistance.

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